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Up Coming Shows!!!
Winter Shows:
12/31 Brick Lot Sturgeon Bay, 9-1AM
1/9 Plank Road DePere, 8-12AM
1/16 Private Event
1/23 Sardine Can Green Bay 9-1AM
2/20 Sardine Can Green Bay, 9-1AM
2/27 Left Turn Francis Creek, 9-1AM
3/5 Sand Box Green Bay, 9-1AM



Whiskey Who????


Other than the obvious question..."Your name is Whiskey D**k!?" Stated very carefully... "Whiskey Ditch" is known by those who know the boys best as a local Green Bay Rock'n Roll Party Band. Aiming to deliver a few laughs, authentic accents, and the rumble of today & yesterdays Rock, Whiskey Ditch hangs with the best of them. With influences from the Southern California Punk Scene, British Rock, 90's Grunge, and Classic Grooves these guys bring down the house!!!


However, this still doesn't answer "what" is a Whiskey Ditch? The origin of a Whiskey Ditch reigns many centuries ago when native pioneers came down from their highlands to fill their whiskey-mash jars with snow melt infused ditch water. The drink of whiskey & water was coined a Whiskey Ditch. 


With front man & guitarist/singer Simon Hedeen steering the ship, it didn't take much more than a Whiskey Ditch explanation to bring thirsty English extraordinaire Darren Adkins in as lead guitarist & vocals. Soon Darren pulled from his bag of British goodies and looked to the silky smooth moves of Billy "Sticks" Bliskey on Drums. But wait, the boys still needed someone to hit the highs and lows on bass/vocals. Quick tempo Bliskey made the call to the only one person who has more tools than a TV repair man, Mr. Ryan Manthei. Now, it was time to crank the amps. With the stage set and the parties booked, the boys shook halls all across Wisconsin.


So what will the future hold for this crew?... and when will Darren find out what’s wrong with his peddle board?... and what’s that smell coming from back of the band van?... who knows?... It looks like it’s time to enjoy a little "Whiskey Ditch" of your own!



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